Cultivating a Dream Team

Who we are welcoming into our community?

Finca Fruición is open to new members, rental investors, interns, volunteers, and eco-farmstay guests.  We are in the foundation stages of cultivating community, and establishing the Fruition Center for Holistic Culture & Ecology, therefore we have room to grow.  We are interested in working with people both as co-creative members and temporary guests.

In order for us to fulfill our intentions, we have decided that we would like to form a production team, who have diverse skills and can each function as an important part of the whole.  Together as members of this team, as well as, the Land Cooperative, we can plant seeds of a holistic culture that supports and is supported by it’s environment and Finca Fruición can become a living model of this culture.

So, that being said, what kind of people are we looking to co-create with?  If you are:

  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Financially solvent, have money to invest in the project.
  • Self activating & have initiative.
  • Open-minded
  • Compassionate
  • Emotionally mature & still playful
  • Actively seeking to cultivate peace
  • Content with reality
  • Whole, confident, humble, & grounded
  • In touch with intuition
  • Enthusiastic to co-create
  • Ready to commit
  • Have skills to share
  • Cooperative, supportive, able to take constructive feedback, & value opinions of others.
  • Can give & take direction
  • At peace with self
  • Can give & receive love
  • Grateful
  • Have looked within and worked on personal issues
  • Committed to serving the highest good

We are open to connecting with people who have these attribute.  We value diversity and would like the community of Finca Fruición to be culturally, racially, and socioeconomically diverse.  If you feel a resonance with us and are interested in visiting, or joining, please check out our Application Process page and get in contact with us today.