What is a Land Cooperative?

What is a Land Cooperative?

A Land Cooperative is an arrangement wherein a group of people own land together, and cooperatively manage its needs and resources.  Sharing land, resources, & responsibilities lightens the load for all involved, and offers a platform for intentional community living.  A land cooperative cultivates diversity and strength through sharing of the group’s collective of experience, skills, knowledge, and insight.  More is achieved, more efficiently, when a variety of people, filling different niches, come together to work in common purpose and a spirit of harmony.  A Land Cooperative also makes land ownership more affordable, as the cost of shares are much less than purchasing individually titled land. Maintenance and building costs are also much lower, as these costs are shared by all of the members in the cooperative.  Skills can be shared, bartered, or paid-for, within the cooperative.  In this way, a Land Cooperative becomes more self reliant, as people follow their own diverse passions.

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What is the difference between a Land Cooperative and an Intentional Community?

There are many different ways of organizing an intentional community, and a Land Cooperative is one of them.  A Land Cooperative may share an intentional focus, and usually does, however that focus can vary according to the consensus of the collective, and is not dictated by one individual or a centralized fixed ideal.  This model offers the individual members shares of a cooperative/corporation, through which, they collectively own the land.  In this way, the members are protected as individuals, and there is a clear delineation between personal and collective investments.  This also allows members to create clear agreements about shared resources, responsibilities, land usage, living agreements, and profit-sharing, while guarding autonomy, privacy, and personal lifestyle choices.

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