Community Timeshares

Community Timeshares are for those Fruition members who would like to be involved with the community, on a part time basis.  People who would like to have an integral, sustainable vacation home in Costa Rica.  They are honored as voting members and a house is built for them with the purchase of their membership.  This house is owned by the community, and used by the Timeshare member.  As Wings members, Community Timeshare members are valued and offer fresh energy and support.

Here are some of the details regarding Community Timeshare membership:

  • Community Timeshare Membership – $15,000 to own 15 shares in Finca Fruición, S.A.
    • For seasonal members who prefer to enjoy community rentals, instead of building a personal dwelling.
    • Members may reside rent free, at Finca Fruición, 3 months of the year, with the option to rent for additional months at a discounted rate of 50%.
    • With money received from these share purchases, Finca Fruición will build a small cabin, for the member’s use.
    • Members may choose from available cabin designs, or submit one to be evaluated. Footprint of these units will not exceed 70m2 and the structure is owned by the Land Cooperative.
    • These units will be rentable by the Fruition Center’s Management Company during unoccupied months of the year.
    • If members choose not to use the unit for the allotted 3 months, they may gift the use of the unit, to a guest of their choosing, or receive the cash value of the rental, minus a 25% management fee should the Fruition Center be able to keep the unit rented.
    • Timeshare Members have voting rights in the annual member meetings & have member discounts on events and services produced by the Fruition Center.
    • All members are required to pay annual dues.
    • Individuals wishing to join Finca Fruición as a Timeshare Member are not required to stay on the farm for any minimum amount of time.
    • All Eco-Timeshare Members are required to fill out the New Member Application, and attend an interview with the New Member Admission Council, either in person, or via video conferencing (Skype).
    • The accepted member may join the cooperative by buying shares and being incorporated into the board of directors for Finca Fruición, S.A.
    • Timeshare Members may help decide which type of cabin will be built, and may even assist in the construction if desired, but will not own the structure. All such units are the property of Finca Fruición, and will be managed through the Fruition Rental Management Team.