Staff Opportunities

Staff roles provide a means for the Fruition Center to receive specific skill assistance in the activities on the farm and within the center.  Staff positions are available for a minimum 3 month commitment. Staff positions require a minimum of 39 hours per week. (This averages 6.5 hours per day mon-saturday; we reserve Sunday as a day of leisure.) Work hours are based on integrity, co-collaboration, self-regulation and productivity.

Accommodations are rustic, but beautiful. The Fruition Center staff are welcome to camp or stay in the Fruition dormitory.  Hot showers are available daily. Toilets are basic outdoor composting toilets. Additionally, we offer mostly dependable Wi-Fi and electricity in the center and dormitory. The communal kitchen is stocked with rice, oats, beans, and basic spices. Harvesting seasonal on farm fruits and vegetables is a weekly task we also share. Individuals or staff groups prepare their own breakfasts. Everyone is invited to enjoy a communal lunch and dinner each day. Responsibilities of meal preparation and clean up is shared amongst staff, volunteers and roots members. Although our diet is primarily whole foods vegetarian based, we do eat dairy products and occasionally fish, and are happy to cater to the dietary needs of our guests.

Upon arrival, a $300 deposit is required in order to hold accountability of work trade agreements. Once the staff member completes their commitment, the deposit will be returned in full. Please keep in mind that we are a compassionate group of individuals and understand that this environment may not be for everyone. If you must leave for reasons outside of your control, or a sincere inability to cope with this environment, we are sure that an agreement can be found in terms of your deposit and transition.  

* If you are interested in a more private space, we may have some options. Please contact us for further details.


Some staff opportunities include:

When we sow seeds together, we can grow a community with strong roots and shared abundance.    



  The Fruition Center team and any new staff member design a work budget based on fair work trade agreements.  This design will outline the responsibilities which the staff member agrees to uphold during their time at Finca Fruición.

Staff positions are 100% work trade. Pay may be an option depending on the abundance generated by the staff member and team and will be discussed on an individual basis. 

If you are interested in being part of our Fruition Team, please begin by filling out our staff application.