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The Fruition Center for Holistic Ecology

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The Fruition Center produces fun, educational experiences that empower participants with skills for sustainable living.


Thank you for your interest in our project and for your support.  We appreciate cross-pollination and establishing mutually beneficial relationships with organizations and the press.  If you are interested in photos, stories or visiting, please contact us.  We welcome visitors and request a minimum of 1 week notice prior to coming to the community.

The Fruition Center Overview:

The Fruition Center for Holistic Ecology meets many of today’s climatic, ecological, economical, & cultural challenges by creating an environment where which groups of individuals cultivate inner confidence & develop capability to live lives that make a positive impact on the world around them.

The Fruition Center was founded in 2013 by Jason & Alana Bliss, co-founders of Finca Fruición: Permaculture Land Cooperative, as an educational platform & production team for the community’s outreach & business ventures.

Together with an evolving team of co-creators, The Fruition Center has produced several workshops, courses, &


eco-festivals in the theme of celebratory sustainability, and are preparing for an exciting year to come.

   Located in the tropical bread basket of south pacific Costa Rica, The Fruition Center’s host farm enjoys a convenient balance of dry and wet seasons, providing equal opportunities to host events focused on natural building, organic agroforestry, family team building, outdoor exploration, inner personal healing & holistic living.

   The Fruition Center’s outreach & events are designed to create working models for local resiliency through experiential learning, while cultivating international connections, merging local wisdom with appropriate technologies.

   As part of a growing network of impact centers establishing similar initiatives throughout the Americas, The Fruition Center is inviting co-creators and investors to join the round table and make a global impact through local initiatives.

The Fruition Center’s next big event is a Natural Building Course, January 10-24th, 2014. Find more details through our events calendar.

The Fruition Center is happy to accommodate requests for interviews via Skype or in person, but please contact us & make arrangements before visiting the farm.



The Fruition Center is operated by the members of Finca Fruición’s community, which is compiled of roots and wings members.  Roots members are people who

Many hands make light work, many minds in harmony make up the diversity of unity.
Many hands make light work, many minds in harmony make up the diversity of unity.

are invested members living on site and wings members are people who are passing through for at least 3 months.  The community focuses on a balance between communal living and autonomy, offering a nice blend of personal space and community connections.  For more information, you may visit the Community Page.

The following is a short bio of the members who are currently operating The Fruition Center.  Check out the Bios page for more extensive information of each member.

Alana Bliss, co-founder, is a permaculture designer and teacher at The Fruition Center, a water birth doula, sound therapist, writer, poet, and mother.  She has been studying and implementing permaculture systems for 8 years, within which time she had 3 empowering water births, and wrote for several sites, blogs and created her own blog, where she shares her life journey. Blog- Through the Eyes of Bliss

Jason James Thomas Bliss, co-founder, father, teaches whole food nutrition & preparation, practices thai massage & aromatherapy, and has spent over 13 years cultivating skills in communal living, cooperative project management, and contemplative land management.

Joey Davis, project coordinator, finished his college experience with a degree in Geography from the University of West Florida, focusing most of his studies into sustainable food systems. Drawing much of his knowledge from his experiences in community organizing and study abroad in Brazil at the Federal University of Viçosa, he works toward the development and evolution of sustainable life systems with his skills in garden design, agroforestry management, project organization, non-violent communication, community outreach and conscious co-creation.


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