Permaculture Adventures

Costa Rica Permaculture Tour

Looking for a way to deepen your understanding of permaculture while soaking up some
sun this winter? We have an amazing opportunity for you! Alana Bliss will be leading a group
of activated individuals into the heart of the permaculture movement in Costa Rica!


Participants will visit several well established permaculture farms as well as visit some of the beautiful parks, beaches, and other nature sites that Costa Rica has to offer. This tour is a way to connect
more deeply to the permaculture principles and values through experiencing and practicing
them along the journey.

Permaculture, at its core, is a set of holistic principles that can assist us
in harmonizing our relationships to our communities, our planet, our economy, our homes, and
ourselves. Permaculture sees these aspects as intrinsically linked and lays out core values and
practices that create foundations for balanced and regenerative relationships between people,
business, and the ecosystem. We will witness and discuss a variety of permaculture systems
with an aim to gain a deeper understanding of how these principles can be applied. We hope to
gather some inspiration from these experiences in Costa Rica and integrate it back into our
home communities.

We welcome people of all ages and levels of understanding of permaculture to attend.



Tour Details:
What: We will be visiting 4 different established permaculture sites, visiting parks, spending
time with the ocean, connect with local lifestyles and have an opportunity for fun excursions.

Our first night will be spent in Alejuela near the airport as we gather to depart the following morning. Participants must arrive by or before that evening so we can connect and pack up together.

The following day we will depart to our first farm visit to Verdenergia for a stay of three nights. We depart from there on the 15th and spend a day at Manuel Antonia, a national park on the beach filled with wildlife and a great example of ecotourism focused on land preservation.

The next day we will be on the beach in Dominical at a hostel. On the 17th we will arrive at our next
destination and spend 4 days and three nights visiting Fuente Verde and the Diamonte Center.

On the 20th we will land at my home farm, Finca Fruition for several days. On our way back we
will spend a night at the Flutterby house, a permaculture inspired hostel on the beach, before returning on the 26th to Alejuela where we began.


January 11th- 26th
You are welcome to come before and extend your stay of course, but please note that
only the above dates are guided and included in the cost.

How Much:

The total cost of the trip is $985

(Sliding Scale available – ask for details)

The price of your trip includes all lodging, most meals, transportation during the whole trip (including to and from the airport), all tours and classes that will be offered along the way, and the guidance and teachings of Alana Bliss during the retreat.

The price of the trip does not include your airfare.

Please plan to have funds to contribute to collectively prepared meals or meals eaten out. There are 5 days where we will be on the road or away from the farms we are visiting. On the farms, meals are included, off the farm we will usually have a kitchen, access to local markets, and proximity to local restaurants.

***Space will be limited to 14 people, so please reserve your spot by paying the deposit of $100 to ensure
your participation.***

Please contact Alana Bliss with any questions or to reserve your spot:

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More about Alana:
Alana Bliss has been exploring solutions to ecological, social issues, holistic wellness,
and conscious birth for over 10 years. A Permaculture teacher, homebirth doula, and co-founder
of the Fruition Center for Holistic Ecology in Costa Rica, she incorporates holistic wellness and
permaculture to design supportive relationships between humans and nature. She completed
Permaculture Design Certification, Natural Building apprenticeship, and Midwifery course in
2006. She and her family drove to Costa Rica in their self-converted veggie-oil RV, where they
founded Finca Fruición: Permaculture Land Cooperative. Alana has been facilitating
permaculture courses and internships since 2011. Her family lived and worked at the land
cooperative and Fruition Center in Costa Rica for 7 years. There they hosted eco-tourists,
interns, courses, staff and volunteers. She and her children recently moved to Minnesota where
they could get more proactive in a social setting and focus on education for her children. Alana
focuses on inspirational education and empowerment wherever she goes.