Finca Fruición’s Mission & Vision


  To embody a lifestyle of compassionate care for the land, community, and ourselves, where people from various cultures come together to cooperatively steward the land, resources, integral enterprises, practice thrivability, and participate in a solution-based way of life.



  To cultivate a harmonious environment that integrates healthy human and ecological interaction and offers a living model for thrivability (the ability to thrive). Finca Fruición incorporates permaculture design, sustainable food systems, holistic healthcare, compassionate communication, contemplative education, family nourishment, and integral business ethics to fulfill this vision.  



  Finca Fruición (Fruition Farm) is a cooperatively owned community homestead and education center that focuses on cultivating a holistic culture of well-being to nurture one’s self, their community, and environment.

Finca Fruición is located on an 8.5 hectare (21 acre) property in San Agustín, Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica. The land is collectively owned through a Costa Rican corporation called Finca Fruicion S.A. The land cooperative is comprised of the share-holding members, who form the board of directors for the S.A (like an LLC). These members are called Roots members and also form the Member Council. The community of Finca Fruición is comprised of residential members, timeshare members, staff, volunteers, interns, students, and farmstay guests.  Made up of roots and wings members, each person who lives and visits Finca Fruición, has the opportunity to find their niche while on site.

Wings members are people who are cross pollinating with the community, bringing inspiration and skills from the world and leaving with a bit of the community in their hearts.  Finca Fruición’s model of community honors autonomy while offering opportunities for co-creation and resource sharing in adherence to the community living agreements.

The community is unified by its vision, key ethics, shared focus on establishing and maintaining ecological systems, as well as, cultivating an internal economy, through the Fruition Center.  These 3 key ethics are Earth care, People care  & Fair share.   The Fruition Center for Thrivability is the education center that operates the eco-tourism, courses and retreats, events, and volunteer program.  The Fruition Center is owned by Finca Fruición SA, and is operated by its members, staff, volunteers, & employees.