Member Bios

Member Bios

Jason Thomas Bliss


  Jason spent the better part of his twenties traveling around the Americas, as a vagabond balloon artist, natural foods enthusiast, and developer of life skills. In that time, he has visited many organically-minded homestead projects, farms, and communities, and learned much about the human experience. His thirties brought him to Minnesota where he stayed for several years refining his skills as a Thai massage practitioner, whole foods chef, and began to assist in the co-creation of several festivals by volunteering, and eventually taking on several different rolls and responsibilities.

The spirit and act of co-creation have become two of his favorite things.

Some of his life mottos are “If it can be done, I can do it.”, “Gosh, I love this place!“, and “I believe, beyond doubt or fear, that if I continue to live a life of service, all of my needs will be cared for.”

Jason currently lives in Costa Rica with his family, as well as an interesting array of animals, and an even more interesting rotation of volunteers from all over the world. The experience of co-founding Finca Fruición, fathering 3 boys, learning a second language, integrating into a foreign culture, and co-hosting several very special events has been empowering and affirming to his life mottos.


Alana Bliss


  Alana Bliss has been exploring solutions to ecological and social issues for over 10 years. A Permaculture teacher, homebirth doula, and co-founder of the Fruition Center for Holistic Ecology in Costa Rica, she incorporates holistic wellness and permaculture to design supportive relationships between humans and nature. After completing a Permaculture Design Certification and Natural Building apprenticeship in 2006, Alana dedicated her life to sustainable solutions. She and her family drove to Costa Rica in their self-converted veggie-oil RV, where they founded Finca Fruición: Permaculture Land Cooperative. In 2009, Alana took her Advanced Permaculture Course in Teaching, and has been facilitating permaculture courses and internships ever since. Today, with her family and a small group of dedicated individuals, Alana lives and works at the land cooperative and Fruition Center in Costa Rica. There they host eco-tourists, interns, courses, staff and volunteers. Alana focuses on inspirational education, offering her students the skills to become confident permaculture designers.

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JangaRa Zumbi Bliss


JangaRa is an intelligent, energetic boy who was born in Ashland Oregon at home. He was raised with attachment parenting and had a beautiful connection with his father, who died when he was 2 years old. Janga goes to the one room school house in our pueblo and is interested in learning about how things work. He is a bit shy, but once he opens up he is helpful and honest.




Baraka Heru Bliss


Also born at home in Minnesota, Baraka is a loving, open, engaging boy, who connects with each person that comes to the farm. He is very enthusiastic and gets along with nearly everyone he meets. He is a supportive big brother and loves to help in the kitchen.


Cedar James Thomas Bliss


Cedar is a joy to be around. He nearly always has a smile on his face. He is a curious little 3 year old, who was born on the deck at Casa la Vista. Cedar has been through a surgery and is taking his sweet time growing up, as if he knows his baby years are limited and he wants to live them as long as he can. He is living love and brings warmth to many hearts.


Joey Davis

Joey (bio)

Joey began college seeking to deepen his understanding of human culture and the ecological challenges of human development. After learning about the various ecological impacts of conventional agriculture, he began to focus his studies into sustainable food production and worked in the Student Community Garden Club. As a project coordinator, he eventually found the principles and ethics of Permaculture. He also worked with the Progressive Student Alliance for 3 years, coordinating numerous educational events and campaigns concerning social equality and environmental stewardship.

During 2011, he studied at the Federal University of Vicosa in Brazil. There, he studied and experienced permaculture, focusing mostly on agroforestry. While in Minas Gerais, he was inspired by the positive influence which Permaculture had on local ecology, economy and general social well being. He understood that nature is our teacher, as well as humans of all ages.

Joey graduated from the University of West Florida in December 2012 with a degree in Geography.  Since then, he has taught capoeira, worked as a substitute teacher and played percussion in a funky hip-hop gypsy jazz band. Joey believes that through education and co-creation, we can all reach our highest potential. He now resides at Finca Fruicion as a project manager, educator, and general steward of the Fruition Center for Holistic Ecology.