Land Cooperative

Finca Fruición: Permaculture Land Cooperative is located in the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica, and is welcoming co-creative leaders to join us in cultivating regional seeds of change and thrivablilty.

Finca Fruición (Fruition Farm) is a cooperatively owned homestead project and education center that focuses on cultivating a holistic culture of well being which nurtures one’s self, their community, and the environment.

Finca Fruición Land Cooperative is located on an 8.5 hectare (21 acre) farm in San Agustín, Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica. The land is owned, collectively, through a corporation called Finca Fruición S.A. The Land Cooperative is comprised of the share-holding members, who are also the board of directors, of the above-mentioned corporation. These members also form the Member Council.

The community, Finca Fruición, is comprised of residential members, eco-timeshare members, volunteers, interns, and farm stay guests. Finca Fruición’s model of community living honors autonomy, with opportunities for co-creation, some shared resources, and collective living agreements.

The Fruition Center for Holistic Culture & Ecology is owned by the Land Cooperative, and is operated by its members, volunteers, & employees.


What is a Land Cooperative?