Investment Opportunities

  • Rental Investment Opportunities – $10,000
    • Investment Rentals are for people who would like to support Finca Fruición’s work and invest in a “high risk/high reward” rental unit.
    • The $10,000 from this investment goes into building a rentable cabin, to be managed by the Fruition Center’s Management Company
    • Investors will receive 30% return on investment, of rent received from these units, until an end return of $15,000 is realized.
    • The “high risk” is that it could take anywhere between 4 to 40 years for that full return to be realized.
    • The investor has the option of assisting the Fruition Center in renting out the unit, by advertising it through their personal network, therefor encouraging a sooner return on investment.
    • Investors may visit rent free, at Finca Fruición, 2 weeks of the year, with the option to rent for additional months at a discounted rate.
    • Investors also receives a discount on events and services produced by the Fruition Center.
    • Investment Rentals are not memberships and are not allocated shares.
    • Investors may choose from available cabin designs, or submit one to be evaluated. Footprint of these units will not exceed 70m2 and the structure will be owned by the Land Cooperative.
    • An annual maintenance fee of $100 will deducted from the annual payout of return on investment.
    • Individuals interested in joining as an Eco-Timeshare Member must first fill out and sign the Rental Investor Application Agreement.
    • Upon receipt of the invested funds, in the community’s bank account, the Fruition Center will manage the construction and rental of the agreed upon cabin.
    • The Rental Investor will then receive the agreed upon returnable portion of collected rent from that year, minus the annual maintenance fee, one month after the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting.



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