Tropical Agroecology Internship

The Fruition Center for Holistic Ecology is offering a 3-month internship, hosted at Finca Fruición: Permaculture Land Cooperative in Costa Rica!




Immerse yourself into a how-to for tropical homesteading. From tool sharpening and cracking a coconut, to watershed management design, experience an intercultural exchange of knowledge and experience that offers perspective and insight into solutions through Permaculture and Biodynamics. Enjoy a rural setting, community interaction, and the unique value of engaging in responsible land stewardship.


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We currently have 5 more spaces available.


Direct facilitation will take place up to 4 hours per day, 5 days a week. Hands-on group and independent work, as well as discussion and observation upon Biodynamics and practical permaculture solutions will be proportionate to 7 hours per day. Saturday’s and Sundays are generally a time for free flow creativity, activity and adventure, on or off the farm.  Along with exploring the tools of knowledge and hands-on learning, this internship program is also designed to cultivate self-discovery and community stewardship, by sharing in daily tasks and chores as needed to uphold a clean, safe, and inspiring space for all participants.


Areas of Focus

– Permaculture Ethics and Principles                – Rudolf Steiner’s Agriculture Lectures

– Soil Regeneration                                                 – Biodynamic Preparations and Compost

– Organic Agriculture                                              – Seed to Table Gardening

– Agroforestry                                                            -Culinary Arts in Tropical Food                          –

– Medicinal Herb Cultivation and Use               – Water systems

– Animal Husbandry                                               – Natural Building

– Tool Maintenance and Use



Dorm-style bunk beds with mosquito netting or outdoor camping.

3 meals per day (a vegetable-based diet with farm-raised eggs and dairy, as well as occasional farm-raised meat). Solar heated showers, composting toilets, electricity, Wi-Fi, library, fresh on-site spring water, waterfalls, forest, river hikes, beach trip opportunities, as well as plenty of delicious foods medicines can be found here on the farm.


The price of this 3-month tropical farmstead living and education adventure is $2,800 for camping, or $3,100 for a shared dorm room. (Private accommodations may be available upon request.)


* A deposit of $1,000 is required to secure your seat, either by bank transaction to through PayPal

Remaining payment is due upon arrival.



Frank White

Frank profile2.png

A Market Gardener and Activist, Frank has been growing for 10 years using Regenerative Agriculture, Organics and Biodynamics.  He is affiliated with the Biodynamic Ambassadors international program, as well as La Via Campesina, as a social and political activist for agricultural communities. He currently resides at Finca Fruición as the lead food production coordinator.

Jason Bliss

jason profile

As one of Finca Fruición’s co-founding members, Jason has 7 years experience in farm, project, and volunteer coordination. With more than a decade’s experience as a whole foods chef and nutrition enthusiast, he ensures that our guests routinely experience a delicious, wholesome, and balanced diet. Jason is also a Thai Massage Therapist, and is available for sessions upon request.

Travis Britzke

Dedicating the past 13+ years of his life to personal and planetary wellness, Travis sees great value in observing and working with the subtle relations between People, Culture, and Nature.  Travis has spent 12+ years living in tropical communities (intentional, Indigenous, and/or subsistence farming), 8 years managing/designing Organic farms and Volunteer programs from Guatemala to Bolivia, 3 years serving the Peace Corps in Panama Agro-forestry program and Volunteer Support Network. His Academic career was focused in SocioBiology, Positive Psychology, and Culture of Wellness. Outside of farm work, Travis has enjoyed facilitating Hatha Yoga for several years.

Joey Davis

JO Profile.jpg

With roots in education, urban community gardening and organization, Joey has invested the last 3 years learning the values and necessities of tropical land and water stewardship, along with animal husbandry, as Finca Fruición’s resident farmer. He received his Bachelors of Science in Environmental Studies with a focus in Sustainable Food Systems at the University of West Florida. Joey believes that the experience of land stewardship offers infinite wisdom for those who arrive to the challenge.


We are dedicated to facilitate an educational experience that encourages self-discovery through the basics of tropical land stewardship upon Permaculture Ethics and Principles and Biodynamic practices.


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Finca Fruición is offering 1 to 3 month internships.  Interns will live and work on site maintaining pre-existing permaculture systems, assisting in implementing new systems, helping prepare for classes, welcoming guests, facilitating tours, and much more.  Finca Fruición’s internship program requires a commitment to learning and a willingness to finding solutions to problems that arise.
Internship Pricing:

1 Month Internships
Camping/Hammock – $300
Dormitory – $450

2 Month Internship
Camping/Hammock – $600
Dormitory – $900

3 Month Internships
Camping/Hammock – $800
Dormitory – $1,200

Internships Include
2 meals per day and a lightly stocked kitchen
Guided instruction
4 classes per month
Spanish immersion
Hands on learning
A trip to the beach

Expectations & Agreements
Interns agree to work 4 hours/day

Accomodations & Food
All meals included…

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