Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy: An embodied exploration of sacred sexuality
March 19-22, 2015 at Finca Fruicion, San Agustin, Costa Rica

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Celebrate the Spring Equinox as we explore sacred sexuality at Finca Fruicion. Embody and reconnect with your inner alchemy through ecstatic dance, acroyoga, sacred senses, tantra, compassionate communication, massage, delicious foods, and more. By identifying our bodies as temples, we recognize and cultivate the divine within.  This family friendly, week-long immersion offers an opportunity to get in touch with ourselves, connect with nature and cultivate meaningful relationships in a safe space. Bringing a partner is encouraged but not required.

You are encouraged and welcome to arrive wednesday, any time after 2:00 to sink in, meet the group and relax into the weekend!

Children are welcome! Most of the discussions and activities are child friendly, and when it comes to the more adult topics we will have children’s activities provided in our library.

The weekend schedule will look something like this:
(Subject to change)

3/18 Wed
**2:00- Arrival
**3:30- Welcome circle
**4:30- Tour / hike
**5:30- Dinner
**Early night

3/19 Thurs
**8:00- Yoga
**9:00- Compassionate communication discussion and meditation
**11:00- Lunch
**12:00- Free time / siesta
**2:00-  Movement therapy
**3:00- Art therapy
**5:00- Dinner
**7:00- Cacao Ceremony

3/20 Fri
**8:00- Yoga
**9:00- Inner alchemy lecture and meditation
**11:00- Lunch
**12:00- Free time / siesta
**2:00- Partner Yoga
**3:30- Body Mandalas
**5:00- Dinner
**7:00- Movie

3/21 Sat
**8:00- Yoga
**9:00- Tantra discussion and meditation
**11:00- Lunch
**12:00- Free time / siesta
**2:00- Spring Equinox discussion at the Mother Tree
**3:30- Massage
**5:00- Dinner
**7:00- Equinox celebration and bonfire

3/22 Sun
**8:00- Yoga
**9:00- Waking the senses (with miracle berries)
**11:00- Lunch
**2:00- Waterfall excursion
**5:00- Dinner
**7:00- Ecstatic Dance

Purple Hands
What to Bring:
Comfortable clothing suitable for yoga
A sweatshirt (the nights can get chilly)
Bathing Suit and towel
Bug spray
Snacks and food for breakfast
A journal
What ever else you need to have a comfortable stay with us!

How to get to us:
-There is a 2:00 bus from San Isidro to San Agustin, the bus driver will know Finca Fruicion, just ask!
-A taxi from San Isidro will cost around $30, let us know and we can arrange a ride for you
-If you wish to drive your own vehicle, we strongly recommend it is a 4×4.

Cost: $200 Per individual
Bring a friend: $350 per pair
Local Price: $140

* We also have volunteer opportunities for those who would like to lengthen their stay stay and contribute to our project, visit our Volunteer’s page for details*