[box] “The thing I liked most about Finca Fruición was knowing I was in a pure non-toxic environment, and having access to delicious fresh organically grown vegetables. I learned so many things during my time at Finca Fruición. These include how to use power tools, how to properly identify plants and water different plants, and how important my independence is to me.”

– Imani Woomera, USA[/box]

[box] “I liked how we got back in touch with nature and developed a true respect for living off the land. The ability to create was abundant as well. Having tools available and room to adjust your space to fit your needs was great.”

– Sean Turner, USA[/box]

[box] “It was an awesome experience with a great family that I will never forget. I liked the laid back vibes, community focus and fresh food! I learned the importance of patience and contribution on the farm. All the simpleness in what really matters, I guess. I just want to say that you guys did such a great job at making me feel welcome and I really appreciate the opportunity to meet you. Thank you so much and I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys and the little ones.”

– Ben Coffman, USA[/box]

[box] “Essentialy, my experience at Fruición while taking the PDC was all about learning in many levels. It was giving, receiving, detaching, listening to nature, feeling a lot, sleeping early, waking up early, the clouds kissing the mountain at night, going up the the sky around 7, beautiful birds and ciccadas singing loud and clear, The view 😮 … The breeze, water, soil, fire, smoke. Combustion. Thank you for such a beautiful experience, I am very happy and grateful to have had the chance to live with you, family. I enjoyed all the learning process, the mangos, The Mother Tree, the waterfalls, everything. I want to plant, to grow, to create and design, so much!!!”

– Jazmín Montero, Costa Rica[/box]

[box] “Para me esta fue la primera experiencia en comunidad y gracias por hacerla placentera.  Aprendi muchas cosas.  Disfrute mucho con los niños. Tienen 3 niños preciosos y muy inteligentes.”

– Vivinan 12/24/12 Puerto Rico & USA[/box]

[box] “Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you! It has been beautiful.  I feel like my family just got bigger.  Love you all!”

– Amatree, USA [/box]

[box] “Finca Fruición with its people is a wonderful place, filled with many good intentions, filled with spirit of many lovely people.  We are very thankful for being here and helping.  We wish for this wonderful place all the best, that this energy from all the people helps healing the earth and for the generations.”

– Karin und Dresden, Germany [/box]

[box] “The way this space and the people in it assist my heart and mind and spirit to expand is breathtaking.  My heart opens with the simple life and simple smiles of an earth-centered existence.  Together we assist with the healing of our sacred planet.  My mind opens with knowledge of permaculture skills and native Costa Rican edible and medicinal plants.  It was a joy to tour the land; learning how tree-planting, sinks, and swales optimize water usage and land stability.  My spirit spread its wings on the run I took with Joey.  I saw my wings stretch to join the wind in harmony, and the expansion continued through a cleanse in the sacred faerie falls.  Gratitude for the stretches and exercises Joey and I shared.  He is my brother.  You are all kin.  The seeds planted in my heart will bear fruit throughout my life. May harmony go with your every step.”

– Daniel Spaniel, USA [/box]

[box] “Sweet Family!  I am so very grateful for this sacred place so full of love, dedication, and intention.  In my heart, a softness blossoms in knowing this community is stewarding the land, that this precious Mother Earth has these people on her side.  Everyone has been so welcoming, authentic, and unique.  My heart is so happy to see all the boys growing and thriving in a safe, healthy, loving circle of people.  In fact, all of you are thriving in this sacred place.  I love and respect you all.  I will hold you and this powerful manifestation unfolding in my prayers and may God/Goddess/Creator bless this place and its people with abundance, passion, peace, balance, and vision ALWAYS and all days. xoxo. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”

– Shanda Panda, USA [/box]

[box] “What a beautiful place… Finca Fruición.  So happy I made this part of my journey.  An inspiring and wonderful place full of amazing, motivated energy.  So much potential for growth, excited to see where it goes!  Some great learning and personal growth happened here that I am very thankful for.  Realigning my path, leaving feeling healthy and ready for the adventure.  Thank you for welcoming me into this awesome family of Fruición. Love and blessings.

– Keenan, USA [/box]

[box] “Finca Fruicion, so much love for this inspiring family and community, thanking the universe, you, us and myself for manifesting this reality into our realms of physical being.  Thank you for being leaders and having more strength and determination that most to create change.  I feel full of new knowledge and confidence, curiosity, and courage to create my dreams and your dreams.  Thank you for the delicious and nourishing meals, smoothies, chocolate, snacks, & baking in the cob oven. Love.”

– Christina, Canada [/box]

[box] “To my family @ FInca Fruicion, Thank you so much for the love you showed me in my stay @ your project.  The food was well done and so were the accommodations.  That’s easy to say, but I happen to know its not easily accomplished.. and yet there it is so.  I’ve had the pleasure of witessing your growth and taking your classes and seeing you stay the course, proves your commitment to your teachings.  You have a consistent product, whether its a festival or a garden or a project of permaculture.  The people you attract, be they single or family, are each shown a wonderful share of love and togetherness.  Your children are a joy and fun to join.  Shine on. Love.”

– Ron, Costa Rica [/box]

[box] “Finca Fruición has become a very special place for me in these last months of my lifetime. Not only because of the beautiful friendships I’ve established with you guys, but also because it represents a huge source of knowledge for me and my path in life.  Here I have been spellbound by the beauty of permaculture, the mysterious power of Pranic Healing, the mystical nature of essential oils and the beauty of everyone of you.  Thank you for hosting a place which serves as a reminder of the way we should lead many aspects of life as members of humanity.  It is a heartful promise to create the new society of harmonious co-existence for our Mother Earth. Blessings.”

– Pablo, Costa Rica [/box]

[box] “This place is a glowing sanctuary of human goodness.  Thank you for planting a luminous seed within me that is growing fast. I love you guys.  Until our paths cross again.

– Markus/Akush, Canada [/box]

[box] “Enjoyed the view, food, and friendship. Love”

– Steve, Canada [/box]

[box] “Thank you for this wonderful experience here.  You all welcomed us in to your family with open arms and we feel like we have a home here too.  I’ll never forget my time here or the people I met.  You all inspired us beyond what we were expecting.  Until our paths cross again.  Thank you Alana, Joey, Baraka, Janga, Cedar, & Jason.”

– Samantha, USA [/box]

[box] “I love the Finca. Esto es unidad, esto es sagrado.  This is unity and this is sacred.  Your farm has the incredible way of allowing people their own sovereignty.  Working and speaking alongside such people has really inspired me to get out there in life and feel like I have the ability to make a difference… no matter how insignificant it may seem.  The wealth of the community is so much greater than superficial experimentation.  Although this is very specific to San Agustin and San Isidro, our environments can’t help but shape us.  I love (down to my full capacity) the entire family of Finca Fruición and dearly hope I can be here 3 years from now with an entire permaculture experience.  Every day was a different adventure seeding special adaptations and that just helped me more in becoming a well-rounded and open person.  Please share your experiences because they are important. Just like everybody here. [/box]

[box] Dear Jason, Alana, & Joey.  Thank you for: the glorious view from the vista deck, the hammocks, time and space to be within, the mountains, sky, and valley.  The chance to experience the astounding and silent lightning storms.  The healthy, fresh, and beautifully prepared food.  The sense of responsibility, and chance to work as a part of a community.  Inviting us in… being open-hearted, having integrity, being honest, being trailblazer, visionaries, and filled with hope.  Believing in love, believing in community, believing in Mother Earth and the power of the feminine and nature.  We love you.

Dearest Jason, Alana, Joey, Janga, Baraka, Cedar, kittens, Jasmin, Coral Bell, Oso, & Kira. With my love and gratitude I write this.  We feel this.  Your finca is truly a magnificent, transcendent space.  Thank you for working tirelessly to create such beauty, such love, a place of healing, a place of connection.  For the week we have been here we have felt loved, listened to and mostly part of this community family.  Your commitment to truth, honesty, and compassion are awe inspiring. Your respect and commitment to Mother Earth admirable.  Thank you for your love of nature and restoring so much love, faith and integrity within us.  Your path has and always will inform us.  We hope to continue to be a part of this intentional community.  We love you.

– Nico, Tyler, & Gabriela, USA [/box]


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