Fruition Center for Holistic Ecology

We contribute to the health of our communities by empowering ecological and economical sustainability, within our local region, and realizing a working model here at home.

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 We actualize our mission by establishing a living model, including internal micro-businesses, that are designed to support Eco-entrepreneurship and employment in our surrounding region.  Permaculture courses, wellness workshops, and co-creative gatherings are among the tools we use to initiate positive prosperity in the world around us.

Fruition Center for Thrivability:

The Fruition Center is Finca Fruición’s focal point for education in holistic culture and earth stewardship. Community Farmstays, apprenticeships, courses, retreats, workshops, and permaculture festivals are produced and operated by the Fruition Center. The Fruition Center is owned by Finca Fruición.  It is a goal that the services for these events are provided for by the food production from Finca Fruición and the surrounding bioregion.  In this way, the events are self-sufficient.



And we have room for dreamer/believer/doers like yourself, to join us on the adventure!

Fruition Center’s Services:

          • Community Farmstay

            • Guests are welcomed to arrive on either Mondays or Fridays. They receive a place to sleep, stocked kitchen, 1 prepared family-style meal, a permaculture tour, 1 weekend class per week, option for experiential learning. They are not expected to do any work while at the farm, although they are welcome to participate in community life.. For more details for the Community Farmstay program click here.

          • Holistic Internship Program

            • This is a seasonal educational program available throughout the year for specific times. Interns are required to stay at Finca Fruición for a minimum of 1 month. They pay for a place to stay, a stocked kitchen,permaculture tour, guided experiential learning, 2 family style meals per day, 4 classes per month, and a trip to the beach. Intern pricing and details can be found on the Holistic Internship Page.

          • Volunteer Program

            • The volunteer program offers travelers the opportunity to live and work on a permaculture site and intentional community in Costa Rica.  Volunteers pay a minimal fee and work 5 hours/day in exchange for room and board, access to permaculture systems, and community living. Aside from these 5 hours, volunteers, along with community members and staff, will assist in general Fruition Center chores and food preparation.

          • Staff Opportunities

            • This program operates as a means to accept specific skill assistance in the activities of the farm and center. Any new staff member must put down a 1 month deposit, which is returnable to them should they fulfill their agreements. Staff positions are based on responsibility and productivity, rather than hours. Staff members work within work trade agreements.
              Potential staff positions include:

                  • Kitchen Management

                  • Youth Facilitation

                  • Animal Systems Management

                  • Garden Management

                  • Media Management

                  • Videographer

              Contact us for more information and let us know which position you are interested in

          • Rustic Retreats

            • These are retreats that support Holistic Culture & Ecology facilitated either by members of the community or guest leaders. They can range in theme and are hosted by the Fruition Center.

            • If you are interested in facilitating a retreat with the Fruition Center, please contact us at
          • Courses

            • Courses offer a space for students to come and participate in an established curriculum, such as Permaculture Design Certification, Biodynamics, Essential Oils, Thai Massage, etc. Our courses are designed to contribute to international and local communities.

          • Workshops

            • Workshops are education based, 1-5 day classes that people attend to learn skills relating to a specific topic.  Some of the workshops we have hosted and co-facilitated in the past are:

              • Natural Building with Cob (Adobe)
              • Earthbag Construction
              • Rocket Stove Construction
              • Introduction to Permaculture
              • Building a Compost Water-Heating System
              • Sound Healing
          • Eco-Festivals

            • These are fun, educational, organized events where art and implementation meet. Striving for sustainability, these festivals aim to support local, organic producers, educate participants in regenerative land stewardship, and celebrate art and holistic culture. Earthworks Solstice Celebration and Fiesta Fruición have been two festivals we have held.  

          • Gatherings

            • These are free/donation-based events, offered to the greater community, to strengthen the Holistic Culture and cultivate connections between varying regions and communities.

          • Green Tours

            • Two of the members of Finca Fruición own a veggie-oil run school bus. This bus is available for co-creative ventures such as eco-adventure tours, festival & event transportation, permaculture-in-action tour, national seed share programs, etc.

          • Eco-Entrepreneurial Projects
              • We have designed some specific projects aimed for the benefit of the local region, and eventually Costa Rica in general. These are for-profit ventures, rooted in ecological morals, that will generate sustainable income for rural people.  These projects are in the gestation phase.