Fruition Center/Kitchen Manager Resposniblity

Fruition Center Manager Roles and Responsibilities


Keep kitchen clean and organized

  • Maintain kitchen cook & clean chore rotation list (cooperation board), and remind individuals of their responsibilities at the beginning of each day.
  • Orient new guests and staff about kitchen agreements…
  • Oversee and delegate tasks which maintain a healthy kitchen
    • Sink usage (kitchen sink for food and dishes only)
    • Dish washing practice (hot water and soap)
    • General order of kitchen supplies
    • Organization of towels (ideally 2 per day…one for dishes, one for counters and table (well rinsed each time used and hung correctly.)
  • Keep spices, tapa dulce, cacao and guapinol and other high value kitchen ingredients properly contained and stocked always
  • Ring the gong to call for meal prep and communal meal-time


Develop further systems of organization and maintain them


Keep our food stocked and balance usage

  • Be present when cooks are deciding on meal ingredients
  • Maintain balance with meal ingredients, quality and quantity
  • Incorporate greens and other available farm harvested foods into meals regularly.
  • Take note of grocery needs each week


Strive to be ON POINT with meal times and serving.

  • Be on time but with quality.

* In essence, balance quality and quantity. However, one should be aware to not compromise time too much, for it can really interfere with everyone’s daily flow.


Maintaining Healthy Music Volume

  • No music before 8am
  • No music after 10pm


Fruition Center

Setting the space every morning

  • Tidying up center
    • organize, dust, sweep, water center plants, check biomass for toilets, make laundry soap and sanitizer spray, laundry (guest clothes, towels, and bedding), update cooperation board tasks and guests arrivals regularly


Clean, organize and pay attention to details

  • Coordinate center chores with current guests (cooperation board)
  • Keep laundry/recycling zone clean and organized
    • Clean washing machine regularly
    • Clean sink space regularly


Welcome guests

  • Prepare dormitory and beds for guests
  • Give them a general orientation to our systems and policies
  • Set them up in their chosen accommodations
  • Collect money
  • Fruition Center tour
    • Bunkhouse
    • Center garden
    • Library
  • Explain basic procedures
    • Bottle brick trash disposal system
    • Bathroom & showers (conserve hot water usage)
    • Laundry
    • Cooperation board
    • Daily schedule


Participate in Logistics Meetings

Logistics meeting are held weekly and include all aspects of the community, farm and center