Finca Vista Grande

Location: San Agustin, Peréz Zeledón, Costa Rica

Terrain: Mostly slopes and some flat, sitting at roughly 800 meters. Also has water front.

Size of property: 16 hectares (which translates to 39.5 acres)

Titled property: Yes

Price: $300,000

Finca Vista Grande


A local family has used this farm predominantly for sustenance farming and cattle grazing for the past several years. It is nestled within the tranquil pueblo of San Agustin, housing some 200 local Costa Ricans whose families have been with this land for generations. At roughly 800m, San Agustin is mostly sloped terrain, comprised of self-sustenance farming and some larger production of coffee, bananas, sugar cane, cattle, and dairy.  There is some flat terrain on the farm upon which a house resides. It is roughly 56 sq m 3 bedrooms, living room and kitchen. There is also a cow stable, about 100 sq. meters, that is open to pasture and currently houses 10 cows, one of which is a fertile male.  Aside from pasture for grazing animals and general agriculture, this land also includes roughly 3 hectares of undisturbed forest, 1 hectare of mixed banana, yucca and coffee production, and 4 springs. A handful of fruit trees can also be found here, including sour mandarin, orange, guava, banana, jacote, and water apple. There are also some trees ideal for general wood construction such as tagua, amarinon, vinillo, and maria. A clear water river borders the farm.  This river is home to various fish commonly fished by the locals. Following the river one can find a series of beautiful waterfalls. Enveloped in green slopes, fresh air and clean water, one can enjoy the vast views of the valley and mountain ridge, while watching sunrise and sunset.

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