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Over the last three years, we’ve been cultivating a portion of our farm, to set the stage for a series of events that celebrate the creative richness of today’s festival culture, and ground it into a more educational hands-on social experience, designed to actively co-create a generation of more capable stewards.

During these events, participants are guided through several days of natural building projects, permaculture implementation, and a focus on healthy living habits and spiritual connectedness, combined with afternoon music shows, skill share, an exploratory Kids’ Camp, evening fire circles, and other interactive entertainment.

By harnessing the power of enthusiastic co-creation, we have refined a model of entertainment that has community outreach, reforestation, and sustainability education intermingled throughout.

We welcome mature co-creators who would like to participate in the production and promotion of next year’s events.
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We’d love to here your inspirations for what you would do if you were throwing an eco-festival in your backyard.  Visit our facebook page to share your ideas!

Past Festivals: