The Fruition Center Drug Policy

The Fruition Center for Thrivability

Drug and Alcohol Policy

  The Fruition Center (FC) is a family friendly environment, a space of acceptance, and a platform for growth.  FC has created this policy to differentiate between healing substances and erosive ones.  This policy outlines the use and abusive boundaries to offer clarification for visitors, volunteers, staff, and members.


Erosive Drug use:

The Fruition Center defines “erosive drug use” as the use or abuse of substances that are degenerative for the self and the surrounding environment.  Zero tolerance substances include but are not limited to; cocaine, heroine, crack, PCP or angel dust (phencyclidine), bath salts (methylenedioxypyrovalerone – MDPV), methamphetamine, ketamine, painkillers or other pharmaceuticals for recreational use, and excessive alcohol consumption.  Any other mind-altering substance that is inhibiting the individual to work efficiently or detracts from harmony of the community is prohibited and is grounds for dismissal.


Plant Medicine:

The Fruition Center honors and recognized the ancient use of plants to heal, liberate limiting perceptions, enhance awareness, and cleanse the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.  Plants are sacred and the use of them for this type of healing is allowed in certain contexts.  Ceremonial use of plant medicine is accepted as long as it is not interfering with the greater community, work agreements, and personal wellbeing.  Creating a specific time and sacred space is required for this type of healing work.



As a relaxant and socially acceptable substance, alcohol is commonly used for celebration or to release tension.  In this way, it is acceptable at the Fruition Center during evenings, days off, or during events.  When its use becomes excessive, interferes with productivity, or the individual acts belligerent, causing discomfort with other people in the community, then it transforms into an erosive substance.  Alcohol has an indepth history and unfortunately has cast a long shadow as well.  Using alcohol to suppress emotions, find courage, or support other degenerative habits, can cause problems in the long term.  As a part of the Community Living Agreements, visitors and members of the Fruition Center agree to take responsibility for their emotions, ideas, beliefs, behaviors and their effects on others.  If alcohol consumption is hindering this agreement than the individual may be asked to leave.


Prescription Drugs:

Modern humanity has become accustomed to using pharmaceutical drugs for physical and psychological conditions and the Fruition Center acknowledges this.  The FC is not a healing center, although healing often takes place here, it is not the center’s primary intention.  That being stated, it has happened that people feel so inspired in this lifestyle that they want to stop taking their pharmaceutical drugs.  While the FC supports holistic wellbeing and encourages personal responsibility, it is neither responsible nor trained for supporting people in the transition that can occur from terminating the use of these drugs.  The FC feels that it is of vital importance that people who wish to transition from the use of pharmaceutical drugs, or any drug addiction for that matter, do it in a safe environment that is specifically holding space for that.  This is meant to protect the children and the harmony of the community. As a family friendly environment, it is important to be a neutral space for all people to feel safe.  If someone is going through the effects of ending their long-term use of pharmaceutical drugs, it can feel threatening for other individuals and the harmony of the whole.   For this reason, we request that visitors, volunteers, staff, and members are clear with their use of these drugs and take responsibility for their use.  It is not acceptable to assume that the FC is a suitable place for terminating use of theses substances and doing so could lead to dismissal.



Violation of this policy can result in immediate dismissal.  Individuals who bring erosive drugs onto the grounds will be asked to leave.  Those who abuse mind-altering substances will also be asked to leave.  If an individual partakes in erosive drugs offsite and then returns to the grounds, they may also be asked to leave.  This zero tolerance boundary is firmly set to protect the well being of the community.  Those who violate this agreement are not eligible for refund of their deposit or for unused nights or meals.

The Fruition Center holds space for many different kinds of people and seeks to maintain a wide-range safe space for people to experience the land and culture of growing thrivability at Finca Fruición and San Agustin, Costa Rica.  The FC aims to hold and create sacred space; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and the use of erosive drugs or patterns can degrade this intention and lead to conflicts.  This is why this policy has been created as a protection to support whole system community health.  We appreciate your adherence to this policy and look forward to cultivating seeds of thrivability with you.