Elements of Our Community

When we sow seeds together, we can grow a community with strong roots and shared abundance.


How our Community Functions:

Finca Fruición consists of two major community elements, the grounded community and the transient community.  We call these Roots and Wings.  The Roots Community are the people who have cooperatively invested in the land and have decided to cultivate seeds of abundance together.  The Wings Community are people passing through and bringing seeds of inspiration to Finca Fruición, as well as carrying them with them to wherever the wind takes them.  These two elements of the overall community at Finca Fruición feed each other and create a deeper sustainability.  The Fruition Center brings in the Wings who offer fresh energy and are, in turn, fed by the Roots.  A beneficial relationship is created through people visiting, learning, sharing, and then moving on, which supports the grounded people living off the land, implementing, and activating the systems for sustainability.  The Wings Community receives education, hands on experience, and share their resources with the Roots Community, who are holding the space, maintaining established systems, implementing new ones, growing food, and organizing the programs for the Wings to land on.


Roots Community:

The Roots Community are shareholding members who have the option to build a personal house on the land, be a part of the profit-sharing program, and work with the Fruition Center to support the larger global community.  Roots Members are people who have invested their resources into the community and have joined with the vision and mission of the Land Cooperative & Fruition Center.  They are people who have moved to the land and are putting their energy into living in community.  Some Roots members may only live on the land part time, however they form a perennial relationship with the other members and have voting rights in regard to how the community operates.  The organizational structure of Finca Fruición is a sociocracy, which operates much like cells function in their living communities.  For more information please check out What is Sociocracy.  The Roots Community members are encouraged to regularly meet for Wednesday Meetings, Sunday Check-ins and Monthly Member Meetings, when they are on site.  As well as, attend communal meals, gatherings, celebrations, and events.  The members are not required to attend, although it can benefit them as a part of the whole.  Finca Fruición values autonomy, while celebrating community.   Another element of the Roots community are the people who live the town of San Agustin, as they have the deepest roots of all.  Although, the locals are not as involved in the operation of Finca Fruición, they are a deep part of life at Finca Fruición, or rather, Finca Fruición is a part of their greater community and honors them for the wisdom, strength, and organization that they have.


Wings Community:

The Wings Community are people who are either timeshare members, rental investors, farmstay guests, interns, or volunteers.  They are people who are staying for a relatively short time and may or may not return.   Only eco-timeshare members, who form a perennial relationship with Finca Fruición, have the right to vote on major logistical issues and participate in the profit-sharing program.  All the other Wings Community members, are encouraged to attend weekly Wednesday meetings, Sunday Check-in, communal meals, celebrations, gatherings.  3 month interns, volunteers, and timeshare members can join Socioratic circles. Wings Community Members are involved in community life while on site and are seen as being valuable contributors while they are members of the Finca Fruición community.


Roots & Wings in Harmony:

The combination of these 2 communities creates a powerful dynamic that can generate a lot of potential.  Members of both communities read and sign a Community Living Agreement, take responsibility for themselves while in the community and are valued as equals.  All members of the Fruición community are expected to honor each other and work for the betterment of the whole.  By connecting to the individual gifts that each person has, we respect and value the people around us and cultivate seeds of community where ever we are.


Many hands make light work, many minds in harmony make up the diversity of unity.