Casa la Vista


Casa la Vista is located just a 45-minute drive from the city of San Isidro del General, in a traditional rural Costa Rican village.   This cozy home is quiet, beautiful, and offers visitors an opportunity to get to know Costa Rican culture as well as Permaculture.  This furnished house includes a full kitchen, two bedrooms, an in door bathroom with a hot water shower as well as an out door composting toilet, living room, dining room, and an expansive deck.




While visiting, enjoy the vast view, tour local farms, explore permaculture systems and biodiversity or get involved in projects on the farm. Guests are welcome to pick fresh fruits, learn about permaculture, organic agroforestry, and local traditions. Learn to make chocolate or go on a short hike to the waterfalls located on the property.





The local village has plenty to offer visitors and is complemented by breathtaking views. Visit neighboring farms where you can enjoy tours, workshops, or classes ranging from making organic fertilizer to cooking and even salsa dancing. Check out a local Tilapia farm that incorporates permaculture design, or take a tour of another local farm where you can learn to make traditional sugar, Tapa Dulce.

Tapa Dulce Production: Crystallizing Sweetness

For those interested in a longer adventure, there is an 8 -hour hike or 45 minute backcountry car ride through the mountains to Uvita, a gorgeous and protected beech teaming with life at every step. Shorter hiking trips are also available down to the river with beautiful views along the way.
Whether relaxing on the deck or going on local adventures, Casa la Vista is a beautiful vacation place off the beaten trail that offers opportunities to ground into authentic Costa Rican living. Between the views and the local cuisine, we are sure you will enjoy your stay.  We encourage you to email us with any questions, as we are eager to share this wonderful lifestyle with you.

Hands-on Learning Opportunities

The Fruition Center is a Permaculture Land Cooperative in its foundation stages, which means that daily life is filled with activities to build the community, as well as fortify and implement systems for long-term sustainability.   As a farm-stay guest, you have the opportunity to participate in activities and projects that are taking place at the farm with members, staff, and volunteers.

Projects and farm maintenance include:

  •  Sustainable Building
  •  Organic Gardening
  •  Agroforesty
  •  Soil Building & Organic Fertilizers
  •  Whole Foods Harvesting, Cooking, and Processing
  •  Animal Husbandry
  •  Compassionate Communication
  •  Community Building
  •  Capoeira
  •  and more


  • $50 per night, ($10/extra person)
  • $300 per week


Community Farmstay guests are welcome to enjoy meals with the community or make their own if they have a private kitchen, and are invited to join in meal preparation of local foods with our staff and community members.

Breakfast is included in the stay.  We provide a basic breakfast with tropical fruit, carbohydrates, coffee, and tea.

Community meals are $6 per person, children 4-10 years old are $3

Please read our Community Living Agreements.

To make a reservation fill out this Community Farmstay application.

For deeper immersion into the permaculture lifestyle, check out our volunteer program.