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I feel very blessed and thankful, because for a month I was a part of Finca Fruition. This piece of Earth is a wonderful place and it fills me with joy to see how it is loved and treated by it’s residents. I am stunned, how the whole site is so beautiful organized and structured with the idea of Permaculture and it made me smile walking through the abundance of plants. I love the different natural Buildings and Projects that are continuously rising and growing and I am very happy, that I could integrate myself with a little Project (building the walls of an Outdoor-Shower). My time in that magical piece of Nature with these wonderful people has been a very healing time for me. Showering under beautiful waterfalls, enjoying a cup of local coffee with the milk, that is still warm because you just milked it from Annabell, having deep conversation in the middle of a wonderful permaculture-garden, that provides wonderful meals and above all the celebrations together, either in the self made Hot-tub or around the fire under the bright shining stars with music and singing. This are just some of the events, that made my heart be filled with love and joy. I am convinced, that Finca Fruition is a perfect place for a community and I believe, that this place will hold space for plenty of wonderful festivals, because I could experience the process of fruition. From my very first day at the Finca Fruition I was stunned by the great heart and power of will that make Jason and Alana so unique and wonderful people. Thank you two for living your vision and constantly fighting for it while still being there for everybody else, including my worries and questions. One experience has become very characteristic for my time at the Finca Fruition: After a great lunch, I’ve been sitting in my favorite spot above the goat-lawn to enjoy the amazing view into the valley, when a incredible intensive rainbow span the sky above that valley and came slowly closer untill it covered exactly the the Finca Fruition and all it’s lovely people! That was a truly magical moment, that made me feel the connectedness of Finca Fruition towards life, nature and what can be called the great spirit! Thank you, that I could take part in this wonderful lifeproject. Alana, Jason, Cristina, Joey, Albis and Benjamin as well as Cedar, Baraka, Janga and Bea, you people are amazing!

Lukas K

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