Volunteer Program


The Fruition Center’s volunteer program offers travelers the opportunity to live and work on a tropical farm based in Permaculture design, while practicing methods in Biodynamics and Organic Agriculture.

Resting at 800 meters elevation within a rural farming village, there is weekly opportunity for cultural immersion and sight seeing the beautiful vistas.  We are seeking individuals who have the capacity to work well, both on a team, and alone, with the tools necessary to steward land and water within our dynamic tropical farm.  We believe in working smarter, not harder, although we also need teammates who understand that sometimes “hard work” is the only way to get there.

One can apply to be either Full-time Volunteer, or Part-time Volunteer.

Full-time Volunteers work 7 hours/day is Mon-Friday, and pay $5/day ($35/week). *Space is limited.

Part-time Volunteers work 5 hours/day and pay $8 – $12/day ($56 – $84/week). depending on sleeping accommodations.

Some more light work, if needed, may be done Saturday and Sunday. However, Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for more rest and play time to be had, on or off the farm. There are some beautiful sites, on and near the farm, from waterfalls, to beach life.  

All volunteers receive the following accommodations…

We offer 3 meals per day, and enjoy a fruit and vegetable based diet, with grains and fermented foods, as well as goat milk products from the farm. Occasionally we may have farm raised meat. Additional living accommodations include WiFi, hot solar showers, access to medicinal herbs, flowers and roots,  communal kitchen stocked with basic foods such as rice, beans, oats and spices. Food preparation and cleanup is a shared responsibility amongst everyone. Although we eat many perennial foods such as seasonal fruits, greens and roots, as well as some garden fresh vegetables from the land, we do not yet eat 100% from the farm. Therefore, we supplement our diet with the best quality food we can find, from our neighbors and the local farmer’s market once a a week.

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Tasks may include:

Water and Earth Works

  • Fortifying and developing swales and disagues
  • Developing walking paths
  • Digging garden beds



  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Harvesting melina wood for fire and construction


Garden Maintenance

  • Weeding and chopping
  • Planting perennials and annuals 
  • Making and applying Biodynamic preparations 
  • Making Compost
  • Irrigation/watering/pee pee outside


Sustainable Construction

  • Cobbing (Adobe)
  • Earth bag construction
  • Carpentry
  • Earthen floors
  • Fabric cement


Animal Husbandry

  • Pasture establishment and maintenance
  • Goat care
  • Making feed, supplements, or pest repellents


General Farm Maintenance

  • Compost care
  • Overgrowth management
  • Other necessary duties as they come…


* Please note:  You also may be asked to stop what you are doing to smile, observe yourself and your surroundings.  It is also likely that at some point, we will decide to play, sing, jump or shout and invite everyone to truly be themselves in celebration of pure life 🙂


* Before signing up, please read our Community Living Agreements.

To apply to become a volunteer at the Fruition Center please contact FruitionCenter[at]gmail.com.

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